Animals Hillcrest

Jelly Bean

Name: Jelly Bean
Sex: Male
Age: 7 years 1 month
Status: Available
Breed: Husky/Rhodesian Ridgeback
NOT Good with cats
NOT Good with children
Jelly Bean was pulled from a kill shelter on his last day. His rescue angel was there and he just stole her heart with his handsome self and outgoing ways. He is about 85 lbs. of pure enthusiasm and happy dog and trying to learn how to not overwhelm people with his energy. This sweet boy lost his leg after having his foot mangled by a lawn mower, but it hasn’t slowed him down. He runs and plays with his foster brothers and sisters; he rough houses with the big kids and is a gentle boy with the little ones. The Chihuahua puppies literally stick their heads in his mouth rough housing with him and he never gets too rough – he seems to know how delicate they are. He doesn’t like being kenneled, but is learning since his mean old foster mom says he has to stay in one when she’s not home. Jelly Bean is house trained and has good house manners, but it’s just a safety thing for when no one is home. Jelly Bean will need someone active enough to help him direct his energy and enthusiasm, but is happy being a rug inside with his people and friends. Jelly Bean is a smart and outgoing boy ready to learn fun stuff and devote himself to his family. He absolutely sucks up attention like a sponge and is always up for spending time with his people doing whatever they want to do. JB’s DOB is 4.26.2011. Jelly Bean is fully vetted: current on vaccinations, neutered and on heart worm and flea/tick preventatives. Please fill out our online application at if you are interested in adopting a great family dog.